Overview & Objectives

In keeping with “upholding our Anglican identity” (part of Our Mission) the School of Anglicanism seeks to enrich Diocesan leaders’ and members’ understanding of the history, theology, liturgy, and church order of the Anglican Church, help them develop a reflective understanding of these, and inspire an appreciation for the strengths, resources and beauty of the Anglican church. 

Anglicanism is not reducible down to any one founder or set of claims. That means that defining Anglicanism is a complex task. This complexity also means that humility is called for in those attempting to understand it, and those who know only a little about Anglicanism are in greater danger of misunderstanding and misrepresenting it than those who know nothing about it.

SOA seeks to impart to leaders in the Diocese the tools to navigate the complexities of our Anglican heritage, and increase their confidence in the understated robustness of our spirituality.