Overview & Objectives

The School of Theological Studies (STS) facilitates the learning of basic theological foundations for lay members at Level 200 (See Our Philosophy for an explanation of the levels of instruction). This will require an approach that is a little different compared to Biblical Studies. Different questions will be asked and answered. And while the Bible remains the primary source, theological studies may require engaging with thinkers that are not necessarily in agreement with us, and with writings that are not canonical per se.

As for In-Service staff, many of whom receive their theological training at seminaries like Trinity Theological College, the School of Theological Studies complements rather than duplicates what is taught by the seminaries. These might take the form of seminars or talks on specific topics of theological interest, which build upon and are relevant to those who have received their basic training in a Bachelor of Theology (BTh) or Master of Divinity (MDiv)course.