Overview & Objectives

The School of Missions & Church Growth exists to catalyse evangelism and numerical growth within our parishes, as well as the planting of new Preaching Points within our Diocese and Deaneries.

Every healthy parish grows numerically by evangelism and outreach, not just by biological growth (i.e. through church members’ children). Though it is normal for parishes to go through occasional seasons where growth slows or plateaus, these seasons should give way to new spurts of growth again.

Recent analysis of the Diocese has shown that, while there are pockets of growth in certain congregations and parishes, as a whole the Diocese needs to rediscover its passion for, and commitment to, outreach and mission.

The planting of Preaching Points is an opportunity to energise and activate lay members to frontline ministry. The School of Church Growth aims in the coming years to develop training packages for parishes wishing to participate in initiatives to launch new Preaching Points. Templates that draw on church-planting best practices will also be provided as part of the training.

There are plans to develop training centres in each of the Deaneries in time to come. These plans will be updated here as they become clear.