The flagship programme of the School of Biblical Studies (SBS) is the Diocesan Certificate of Biblical Studies, which is aimed at lay members at Levels 100-300. 

DCBS is conducted Online

Term 4 – starting 14th Sept 2023

Registration for Term 4 is open. 

Do register now to avoid missing any classes.

Registration closes 30th Sep 2023

Old Testament – Module 4A 1&2 King, Isaiah

10 lessons, every Thursday, 14 Sep 2023 to 16 Nov 2023

Time :7.30pm to 9 pm

Venue : Online over Zoom

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New Testament – Module 10   Romans & Galatians  

9 lessons every Thursday 14 Sep 2023 to 9 Nov 2023

Time : 7.30pm to 9 pm

Venue : Online over Zoom

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Course Fee $10, payable on registration via bank transfer or crossed cheque.

Payment instructions will be sent to you on registration.

About the Diocesan Certificate of Biblical Studies


This Biblical Studies Programme enables participants to systematically study, book by book, all 66 books of the Bible.

  • Instruction is aimed at bringing Bible literacy to the participants, to help them know the contents of the Bible and to apply Godʼs Word to life.
  • The 18 modules of this programme enable participants to study the entire Bible in 4 years.
  • With the exception of Modules 1A and 1B, each module comprises of 10 sessions, conducted on Thursday evenings, 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm.
  • Two modules are conducted concurrently in a term: each from the Old and New Testaments. You may only sign up for one module each term.
  • Participants may choose their modules in any order. However, we recommend that all first‐time participants attend Module 1A and 1B to receive a background overview of the Bible.

Certificate of Biblical Studies (Individual modules)

  • This is optional for participants but offered on passing a written examination conducted after each module. Those seeking to take the examination must attend a briefing which will be conducted before the examination. Exam fee of $5.00 payable on the exam day.

If you are interested in taking the exam, please write to for further details.

Course Fees

  • $10.00 per module (inclusive of study materials)
  • Modules 1A and 1B are free of charge.

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