St Peter’s Hall Logo

The logo of St Peter’s Hall is in the shape of a warrior’s shield, similar to that of Trinity Theological College, which signifies the shield of faith in the armour of God (Ephesians 6:10-18). The sword is yet another piece of armour, the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. Both of these symbolise the servant of the Lord fighting spiritual battles in service of the Lord. 

The two diagonal keys represent the keys of the Kingdom, which Jesus promised to Peter, as keys are indicative of authority. The ribbon carries the words of Jesus to Peter in the original Greek: “ΒΟΣΚΕ ΤΑ ΠΡΟΒΑΤΑ ΜΟΥ” (transliterated “BOSKE TA PROBATA MOU”) which means “Feed My sheep” (John 21:17). This is the call of Jesus to Peter to shepherd the church. 


Our stained glass panel is rich with theological symbols and occupies a central position on the wall just behind the Holy Communion table in the SPH Chapel. It is a montage of snapshots from several key moments in the life of St Peter as described in the Gospels and in church history. It also connects Peter’s call as a ‘fisher of men’ to Old Testament prophecy of the river from the temple teeming with fish and making the Dead Sea fresh (Ezekiel 47)!

When SPH was moving from its Mount Sophia site to its current home in Upper Bukit Timah more than 20 years ago, an artist with a PhD in theology was commissioned to design this stained glass panel. Little did they realise at the time that this artist would go on to be the Chairman overseeing SPH, and the Bishop of the Diocese… none other than Bishop Titus Chung himself! And Bishop Titus has played a major role in re-designing the entire scope and structure of St Peter’s Hall to serve the training needs of the entire Diocese.

See if you can spot the following for yourself:

  1. Jesus laying his hand on Peter
  2. Peter seated with head bowed
  3. Peter holding a shepherd’s staff and a large key
  4. The dove (Holy Spirit) shining on Peter
  5. Distant palace (representing the Kingdom of God)
  6. River flowing from the distant palace
  7. Trees (of life)
  8. Fish teeming in the river
  9. Upside-down cross on a hill (how Peter was crucified)
  10. Rooster (which crowed at Peter’s betrayal)
  11. Sailboat on lake (when Peter was called)