The Theological Education Board (TEB), which is chaired by the Bishop of Singapore, provides the key governance oversight for St Peter’s Hall (SPH). The Board Members include a mix of clergy and lay members of the Diocese. The TEB reports to the Standing Committee and Synod, which are the overall governing instruments of the Diocese.

The TEB resolves into 3 committees: the St Peter’s Hall General Committee, the Lay Training Committee, and the In-Service Training Committee. The Warden of SPH is the Secretary of the TEB, and chairs 2 of the 3 committees. The SPH General Committee comprises the Warden, Associate Wardens, Treasurer, Secretary, and representatives overseeing Property and Facilities, IT and Communications, and student matters.


The Warden of St Peter’s Hall functions like the Executive Director of SPH. He oversees the Administrative Staff of SPH and the Leadership Team comprising mainly clergy who plan the curriculum and training program of the Schools within SPH. 

(See How We Can Serve for a listing of the Schools within SPH)

The Warden is also assisted by the Associate Wardens in pastoring, training and forming the Anglicans who are enrolled in the Trinity Theological College (affectionately called Petereans). These are full-time and part-time students, preparing for eventual ministry roles in Anglican churches, and experiencing community. There is a student committee headed by a student appointee, and this SPH Team helps the Warden organize student activities and attend to needs in the Peterean community.

(See Our Journey & Community for photos of student activities)