St Peter’s Hall is the training centre of the Anglican Diocese, serving not just the seminarian community, but the entire Diocese’s training needs. The scope of SPH’s ministry is vast, because it includes all 27 parishes in Singapore, the related school and community service entities, and the churches and outreach efforts spread across 6 Deanery countries in our region.

SPH seeks to operate in the space between the seminary and the parish, as a bridge between the two. In the training that we offer, SPH is mindful not to duplicate what is already well taught in these two spheres. SPH therefore endeavours to identify gaps in the spectrum of training already available in TTC and the parishes, and plug them.

One clear and obvious gap is the need for formation in Anglican essentials. Formation goes far beyond head knowledge; it begins with orientating the priorities and values of the heart. The metaphor of the potter and clay (which God employs in Jeremiah 18) is a helpful way of imagining what SPH is seeking to accomplish in the lives of those who are current and future leaders in our Diocese. This is a key pillar in SPH’s mission: upholding our Anglican identity.


The formation of Schools within SPH is intended to give focus to the subject areas that SPH will offer most of its training in. Each school will cater to the training of both lay members and in-service staff in the Diocese. For each of these demographic groups, 3 levels of instruction are envisaged. 

6 levels of training for SPH Schools

Levels 100 to 300 are for Lay Training, lay members referring to anyone who is a member of the Diocese but not in a paid staff role.

Levels 400 to 600 are for in-service staff training, which refers to anyone who is a paid staff of any of the entities within our Diocese.

For stewardship of resources, training will be made available when the need arises and the resources are available.