As part of Anglican Lay Training, the course The Evidences for God is presented by St Peter’s Hall and the Diocese of Singapore, so that you are equipped to answer everyone who asks for the reason for the hope you have.


Many of our non-Christian friends face intellectual obstacles when they encounter the Christian faith. These obstacles include the assumptions that faith is irrational and that the universe can be explained by natural processes without God, and the presence of evil and suffering in the world. This course equips participants with the knowledge and skills to articulate compelling responses to these obstacles in practical settings.

Learning objectives

At the conclusion of this course, participants should be able to:

1. Confidently engage in conversations with their friends about the evidences for God;

2. Critically evaluate their objections and formulate clear, logical, systematic and precise responses to them; and

3. Apply what they have learned in various ministry settings: pastoral, cell groups, youth groups, Sunday schools, student ministries, personal evangelism and discipleship training. 


  • 1.     The importance of apologetics and the relationship between faith and reason
  • 2.     The Cosmological (First Cause) Argument for the existence of God 
  • 3.     The Argument for a Designer of the Universe
  • 4.   The Moral Argument for the existence of God
  • 5.     The Creation and Evolution Controversy 
  • 6.   The Creation and Evolution Controversy
  • 7.     The Problem of Evil and Suffering 
  • 8.     The Problem of Evil and Suffering


Dates: April 12, 19, 26 May 3, 10, 17, June 21 & 28. (Wednesdays, please note June dates.)

Time: 7.30 -9.30 pm                         Cost: $20                             Via Zoom

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Dr Andrew Loke, a Fellow of the International Society for Science and Religion, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Religion and Philosophy at the Hong Kong Baptist University. After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine, NUS, he worked as a medical doctor for seven years. Then he completed an MA in philosophy at Biola University and a PhD in Theology at King’s College London.

Loke has published multiple books with world-leading academic publishers in peer-reviewed monograph series in the fields of theology, philosophy of religion, historical-critical New Testament studies, & science and religion. These include The Origins of Divine Christology (Cambridge University Press), Investigating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Routledge), & Evil, Sin and Christian Theism (Routledge). He has also taught at the University of Hong Kong, Singapore Bible College, & Regent College Vancouver, as well as given talks at universities & churches around the world. He worships at St Andrew’s Cathedral.


I have to emphasize that this course [on Faith and Science taught by Dr Loke] was by far one of the most fruitful experiences for me. It exposed me to many ideas of how to relate to science as a Christian, which is sadly rarely (if ever) discussed at church, amongst fellow Christians…even though it is one of the largest barriers to faith for many. Anonymous student, Regent College Vancouver

I grew up in Mainland China where atheism, Daoism and Buddhism prevail, thus I had been a very critical reader of the Bible. The “conflicts” between biblical descriptions and scientific theories kept me skeptical about Christianity for many years…With these doubts, I took Dr Loke’s course Dialogue between Religion and Modern Science…Not only did Dr Loke clearly show me how Christianity and modern science can be perfectly convergent with rich scholarship, abundant historical and scientific evidence, he also organized in-class debates to encourage us to question different stances and investigate the relationship between science and Christianity thoroughly. His course played a vital role in my journey of becoming a Christian. Wang Yue, Hong Kong